About Us

Make It Real manufactures and distributes beautiful, compelling product for tween girls around the world.  Surrounding every product that we produce is a content experience that gives young women a window into the real world of design and creativity.

From magazines and online video content featuring the lives of young creative professionals and an app with live instructions and the ability to interact with our design team, we are developing an unrivaled experience for creative tweens

Our three founders, Isaac, Oliver and Sara, all have significant experience in the toy industry, particularly in the tween girl space, and this company represents something that they passionately believe in; empowering creative young girls to achieve their dreams.

The team

Oliver Williams
Oliver Williams, co-founder and co-CEO of Make It Real has a long history in the tween girl toy business. He served fourteen years as EU and UK Sales Director at Fashion Angels, Wooky Entertainment and Sambro.
Isaac Wolman
Isaac Wolman- co-founder and co-CEO has over 12 years experience in the toy business. First as a founder of a toy distribution company and subsequently as Vice President at a major tween brand company, Isaac was responsible for launching and growing multiple brands in the US marketplace.
Sara Gibber
Sara, co-founder of the business and CFO, brings to Make It Real over a decade of experience in financial management and operations experience with toy and product companies.
Alexandra Malo
Director of Design
Alexandra Malo- Head of Design for Make It Real has over a decade experience as Design Director for accessory and toy companies.