DIY Unicorn Headphones

Goldie Blox|Sku:4702|

Let your inner unicorn be known to the world with these majestic headphones. Decorate your headphones to fit your style with beads, flowers and other materials to make a statement whenever you’re listening to music.

●     Explore what creates sound.
●     Discover how sound travels from your device to your ears.
●     Learn how sound is measured and what levels are safe for your ears.

Kit Includes:
- Pair of headphones
- Unicorn horn
- 2 pre-cut felt pieces
- 2 pre-cut glitter fabric stickers
- 6 glitter foam stars
- 5 felt flowers
- 5 round beads
- 5 flower beads
- 4 sheets of gems stickers
- Sheet of gold glitter stickers
- Sewing kit: 2 needles, 5 ball end pins, needle threader, sewing thread 21.8 yards (20 m), plastic thimble
- Adhesive velcro strips
- Sheet of glue dots
- Hack & Facts cards (1 English & 1 French)
- Instructions

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